The Organization is founded on the following beliefs:

  1. the authority of the Bible as inspired word of God;
  2. the trinity or the existence of three persons in only one God;
  3. the omniscience, the omnipotence and the omnipresence of God;
  4. the double nature of Jesus: fully human and fully divine;
  5. the death and the resurrection of Jesus-Christ for the remission of sins of each believer;
  6. the salvation of man by the faith in Jesus-Christ;
  7. the establishment of the church as means of spreading the Gospel;
  8. the baptism of water of believing by immersion;
  9. the two ordinances of Christ: the water baptism and the Lord Supper;
  10. the baptism of Holy Spirit;
  11. the visible return of Christ on earth;
  12. the judgment of the unbelievers;
  13. the eternal life for the faithful ones.

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